FIFA 20 ratings

The FIFA 20 ratings have been revealed and whilst players have been talking about their own ratings on social media, I thought I'd go through all of our player ratings (including the players we have out on loan) and what it could mean for them on career mode. The rating difference from FIFA 19 mentions the rating from when the game was released.

Martin Dubravka - 80 (+1 from FIFA 19)

This is no surprise and it says something that despite turning 30 in January, Martin Dubravka is still getting an improved rating.

Karl Darlow - 73 (same as FIFA 19)

With Freddie Woodman out on loan at Swansea for the season, you may want to keep Karl Darlow as a back up or the keeper to come in against EFL sides in the cups and then let him go when his contract expires at the end of the season or try and get two back up keepers (with the other replacing Elliot) if you don't think Woodman will make it. In my opinion, someone could well agree to sign him at the end of his contract here (just a feeling, maybe since Watford did this when EA thought his contract was up at the end of last season).

Rob Elliot - 70 (-2 from FIFA 19)

With Rob Elliot having turned 33 in April, it is no surprise and you should get rid of him and bring in an up and coming keeper who could then be back up to Martin Dubravka along with Freddie Woodman or another goalkeeper in season two and beyond.

Freddie Woodman - 67 (+3 from FIFA 19)

It's good that Freddie Woodman's rating has increased by three from FIFA 19 but I still believe it's harsh on the 2017 U20 World Cup winner although he will probably have a potential of around but will it be worth keeping him around after his loan at Swansea? Whilst he could have the potential to be as good as Martin Dubravka (he had a 78 potential in FIFA 19), maybe you'll want to sign someone with a better potential.

DeAndre Yedlin - 76 (same as FIFA 19)

DeAndre Yedlin just hasn't progressed enough for a 26 year old right back on FIFA but I've managed to get him to an 81 in three seasons on my Newcastle career (which I'll continue with until FIFA 20 comes out) so you could probably make him a lot better as your career progresses. However, you won't be able to sell Emil Krafth until the start of season two so you could probably sell him and get someone better.

Javier Manquillo - 74 (same as FIFA 19)

Considering he looked decent towards the end of last season, I have to say I'm quite surprised that Javier Manquillo hasn't gone up at least a rating even if he isn't very good going forward. Nevertheless, you'll probably want to sell him and buy an up and coming right back. At least EA won't have him as a left back this season.

Emil Krafth - 74 (+1 from FIFA 19)

If we hadn't just signed Emil Krafth this summer, you'd probably want to get rid of him as well as Javier Manquillo. On the other hand, you should see his rating increase but will it be enough for you to want to keep him after season one?

Jamie Sterry - 61 (same as FIFA 19)

Transfer listing Jamie Sterry will be a no brainer, problem is will you be able to or will he be that player who will never be anywhere near good enough so you accept any bid for him (probably be loads from Scandinavia and Poland) but he keeps failing to agree personal terms so you have to wait until his contract expires at the end of season one to get rid of him for good. Strangely, he's now playing against Isaac Hayden and Freddie Woodman in Argentina in season three of my FIFA 19 career.

Jamaal Lascelles - 78 (same as FIFA 19)

Whilst Jamaal Lascelles wasn't quite as good last season as the 2017-18 season when he won our player of the season award, I still feel he is better than a 78 or maybe it's because he didn't get as a high a rating as he deserved in FIFA 19. That said, you could probably get him up to an 82 or 83 in career mode.

Fabian Schar - 79 (+4 from FIFA 19)

Whilst it's no surprise to see Fabian Schar get quite a big upgrade, EA clearly didn't see his strike against Burnley considering his shooting is only a 66. Meanwhile, 71 passing (I know his passing can be wayward) and 69 dribbling could well tempt people (including me) into editing these stats before starting a career with us.

Florian Lejeune - 78 (same as FIFA 19)

Without his injury woes, Florian Lejeune could have been at least an 80 in my opinion but still worth keeping although he'll probably just have a potential of 79 considering he turned 28 in May.

Paul Dummett - 75 (+1 from FIFA 19)

It probably helps that Paul Dummett is now a centre-back rather than a left-back as he obviously won't be required to get forward