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Aleksandar Mitrovic opens up on Ashley & Benitez

“Newcastle is a big club but they have problems with the owner. Everyone knows Mike Ashley. They have taken large steps forward but also to go back. I do wish them success. Shearer is still my hero and it’s his job to do analysis. He was most of the time right, of course. My father says the same. I know myself when I play bad anyway. He is still a legend and I don’t think England will ever have a striker like him again. It’s different to Newcastle as when I go out I don’t need a hat for disguise. Here I have my own peace and I can go with my kids on the street. Nobody cares about me or stops me. It’s nice.

“Benitez plays defence and counter-attack. I tried to give my best but it wasn’t me. I was just running and getting in the team shape. He told me what he wanted and I tried but I am 90 kilos and if I run so much defensively I have no power left when I am in the box. He knew I couldn’t play in that style and I felt it too. Defensively he was one of the best and you can see that when they play, but personally I like to be close to the opponents’ box. I need crosses and service.

“I try to pay Slavisa back because he did everything to bring me here. Sometimes I will score and sometimes I won’t, but I give 100 per cent for him. Benitez is a great person and in the end I shook his hand.”

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