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Ciaran Clark happy being at Carton House

"We were here last year and the staff are friendly, the food is great and the facilities are brilliant. The pitches are top draw. Fans are turning up every day and it’s nice for the lads to meet them and take pictures and chat with them. It’s going really well so far and we’re all now looking forward to the first game. For us the game is all about trying to get some minutes under our belt and getting going again. It’s obviously great to be back and getting back into the swing of things, and now everyone wants to be playing in the games.

"We’d like to get the win, but it’s more about getting minutes under the belt and staying injury-free. Every game we play this season is going to be tough so we need to get into the swing of things as quickly as possible. It was disappointing to miss the last few games of last season but I needed to do that to make sure that I could be fully fit when I returned this summer. I feel good so far."

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