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Kenedy says it feels like home

"Now it's better because I've had time to do a pre-season. I can work hard and, like last season, we have a good group. The guys are together and fight for the results but now I have more time to prepare with them and I know them better. I expect, with my team-mates, to do a very good season. I'll give everything on the pitch and do my best. It's a new challenge, a new season and a new opportunity. And I'm so motivated to make it like last season. I'm focused and prepared. Now I have the opportunity to prepare properly, from the beginning, to be ready for the big games to come. The Premier League is a big competition and it's a new beginning for me at the club.

"I'm so happy to come back to my second home. When the club showed an interest in me again and the call came, as the Brazilian expression goes, O bom filho à casa torna: the good son will always come home. It's a club I identified with quickly. Everybody here treated me so well and I feel so good. It feels like family, it feels like home, so that's why I say it feels like my second home. I aim to come here in this new season and give everything on the pitch and keep the work going from the season before."

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