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Martin Dubravka admits Karl Darlow & Rob Elliot were nice to him

"I was coming to a new team and the other goalkeepers were on the top level also. I’m happy because Karl Darlow and Rob Elliot were very nice to me. I appreciated it because we were are all in the same team, we were in a difficult situation and nobody probably expected us to be safe with five games left. But even with these five games left I was still showing myself. I had to show myself because I didn’t know what would happen in the summer. I had to stay focused until the very last game, and then I was just waiting for an answer from Newcastle.

“I’m proud what we achieved as a team. Of course I’m proud that I showed I could play in the Premier League, because not that many Slovak players play in the Premier League now. I’m proud that now I am looking to the future - but I have to keep going. I cannot stay like this, but I must keep fighting for my position because I need to show myself again.

“It means a lot for me. I have played just 12 games for Newcastle and this has been something special for me. I was really glad after the last game against Chelsea when I heard my name from the crowd - it was an amazing feeling. I didn’t want to walk from the pitch to the dressing room; I just wanted to stay and enjoy that. I am very happy that they also support us in away games, especially when we played at Leicester. There was around 10,000 people from Newcastle, or it felt like that, and when we won you could see how they reacted. They are supporting us, and we are trying to give them everything.”

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