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Ben Dawson looking forward to Hong Kong challenge

Dawson told NUFC TV: "It’s a great tournament, first and foremost. We always look forward to it – it’s a good addition to the games programme. The format’s obviously a bit different to what we’re used to – with more or less a full-size pitch, seven-a-side, no offsides, and with heat and humidity playing a big part in how we play – but it’s always good to go. It’s an end of season trip for the players who have worked hard and played 41 games this season, the same as the first team, and we’ll also try and use it as a bit of an experience, getting that group of players together for next season and seeing how they gel together. Like every other competition we’ve been in this year, we want to win it. We’ll be doing our very best to get to the final and come back with the trophy.

"I think regardless of who we get in the groups, they’re always tough games. The heat and humidity plays a big factor in it, as does the quality that the other teams bring. You just have to work it out there and then on the day – you don’t know what players are coming, who’s representing who, how they’re going to play, so it’s very much a case of getting out onto the pitch and trying to work out very quickly how you’re going to be beat them in the short space of time you’ve got.

"It’s a mix of youth and experience. There are some players in there who have been out there before, so they’ll know what it entails, what the tournament looks like and how to play the game. And there is a bit of youth blended in there as well, with one eye on what our squad will look like next season."

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