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Rafa Benitez believes Paul Dummett can go back playing for Wales

Rafa told the Chronicle: “Yeah. If we analyse his characteristics the main one is his left-foot. There are not too many left full-backs in the market and especially this country. Every country has there own problem. Paul is somebody who has experience in the Premier League and can do well. He can play in a position that is difficult to find players. So it will be an option for them. We will see what he wants to do in the future but he’s a player you can trust.

“Paul is a player that will always give you something that you are expecting. You can’t say he will make 20 crosses, score two or give five assists - but you do know he will be there doing his job. When we were looking for an offensive full-back it was or idea to have a different option. Paul can attack too but he is very steady defensively. He is somebody who will give you something. He’ll make mistakes like everybody else but he will give you something. He is aware of what is going on around him and he’s somebody you can trust.

“We have got somebody else to come in and do something different, Kenedy will more or less bring that to us. Kenedy is a winger that can play as an offensive full-back when we need. They are two different roles.”

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