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Mistakes are unacceptable says Jamaal Lascelles

"It’s not like a few years back when I had a go at people. It’s nothing like that at all. It’s just about working hard as a team, sticking together, looking back on how well we were doing at the start of the season compared to now. I would not say it was calm, no. There were a few home truths said. I don’t want to leave it too late for things like that to be said. The reality is we are not in a great position and sometimes things need to be said that players do not want to hear. Hopefully, it will get a reaction. It’s certainly not the easiest game in the world. But they only have 11 men and we have 11 men and we’re in the same league, so for me, it’s anyone’s game.

“Ideally, you do not want to be conceding goals from individual errors. If you are going to be conceding goals in this league, it should be by your opponents playing world class football. I think at the start of the season, teams were scoring goals against us which had us holding our hands up saying ‘OK, that’s great football’ but more recently, in the last three or four weeks, we have been making mistakes and it has been cost us. So we definitely have to sort that out because it is unacceptable.

“You cannot fault these fans home and away. They’re the best in the country. That is why when we lose I feel pressured because we’re not giving anything back. It is not nice as players because we know people do work hard. We do give our all and try our best but unfortunately, we have not managed to get the points we wanted. As long as they stick with us and we keep working hard, I am sure we will be fine.”

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