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"Cans” a word that means so much more than a boozy refreshment. A word that many do not quite understand. Cans is a sense of belonging a togetherness. To celebrate happier times ahead. It’s celebrating on a Saturday or Sunday night after watching a victory at St James’ Park. It is saying goodbye to 13 torturous years. To really understand Newcastle United and the people, you really have to spend time there. Talk to Geordies, go to St James’ Park then and only then will you realise what Newcastle supporters want from their club.

Miguel Delaney hasn’t spent time on Tyneside, yet constantly criticises a set of supporters he hasn’t bothered to get to know.

The majority of the last 13 years have been incredibly hard to stomach. Newcastle supporters deserve a break, they deserve to celebrate the departure of an owner that has completely sucked the life out of their football club. Miguel Delaney amongst others have no right to make Newcastle supporters feel guilty for supporting THEIR club. Newcastle supporters are very aware of the issues surrounding the potential new owners. The excitement, relief and pure euphoria is about seeing the back of Mike Ashley. Nothing more, nothing less. Why shouldn’t Newcastle supporters dream about a brighter future? Why can’t they get their club back without being made to feel guilty? The hypocrisy of some of the reporting has been incredible.

Cans is family and friends getting together in toon. Cans is dreaming and hoping of a brighter future for their football club. Newcastle supporters do not get to choose their owners, that is why they’ve had 13 years of absolute misery. However, they now have a set of people that want to take the club forward and want to see it succeed. Amanda Staveley has been interested in buying the club for the best part of three years, she is the face of it all.

Before reporting on Newcastle supporters and how they’re supposed to feel, try looking at it from their point of view. Miguel Delaney wasn’t at Villa Park to see Newcastle get relegated to the Championship. He wasn’t there when Ashley covered St James’ Park in Sports Direct tat, he wasn’t there when Ashley changed the name of the stadium to The Sports Direct Arena. Miguel Delaney was nowhere to be seen when Newcastle were relegated for a second time under Ashley, nor was he there to witness the disgusting treatment of Chris Hughton, Alan Shearer, Kevin Keegan and Jonas Gutierrez - The one constant throughout that period were and still are Newcastle United supporters.

It’s about time supporters get rid of the phrase “Good things don’t happen to us”. For those that continue to criticise without understanding Newcastle United and what it means, have an extra can for them.

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