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Life without Ashley

As Ashley looks set to finally leave, this post is to look at what as a fan I look forward to most about the potential new owners without having to address the obvious excitement of the reported potential transfer budgets.


Being a fan during the Ashley era has been a struggle not just for the lack of ambition but to also never knowing what’s going on behind closed doors. Now, I don’t think the club should be out telling us publicly their transfer budgets or their top targets in each window. However, there are certainly areas where if the club were more open with us fans it would be greatly appreciated. Targets for each season, honest financial figures without delaying till the last minute to reveal them. If the new owners were come in with honesty and open communication, they would get off to a great start with the supporters.

Replica shirts

A short but obvious point that needs to be addressed. Currently, Newcastle have the most expensive replica shirts in the premier league. Despite the fact the club have only been in the top 10 of the premier league once in the past 5 years, and only been in Europe once in the past 10 years. A new ownership will hopefully allow us fans to wear our famous black and white shirts without paying ludicrously higher prices than the cost it is for other fans.

Club loyalty

For me the most depressing thing about supporting Newcastle isn’t the relegation or the lack of trophies it’s the fact the players I start to love and get me excited don’t stay long. I have had to get used to the fact players like Cabaye, Carroll and Wijnaldum aren’t staying long. So as a much of a joy it can be watching a truly great player don the black and white it is always in the back of my mind that I have a limited time getting to enjoy watching them at St James Park. (at least whilst playing for the home side). With most players citing the clubs lack of ambition as their reason for leaving. With new ambitious owners, we could see the removal of fear of players such as Schar, Saint-Maximin and the Longstaff brothers going for greater things and instead having the belief that they could stay for years to come and cement icon status among the Toon army faithful.


The final point of mine and it is the biggest by far is: ambition. To have directors, a board and management team all with ambition of making Newcastle United as good as they possibly can be. I’m not saying this is wining trophies or qualifying for Europe, as no club deserves this but to have owners who want to achieve this and help the club do this and not just settle for 17th place every season with no ambition or objective to finish higher. So for me the most exciting part in all this is that we might have owners who each season want the club to get better and improve, which as a fan I think is all you can hope for with an owner.

These are the main things I’m looking forward to about an NUFC without Ashley, I hope you enjoyed reading it and I’d love to hear what your thoughts are and what things you are looking forward to most about life after Ashley!

Twitter: @Alexbell24

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