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Shola Ameobi on why he loves Newcastle United

"Well, let's break it right down. I'm a fan myself. I grew up 500 metres from the stadium. It's in my blood. I think that's the connection. I tried to do the best I could. It wasn't always pretty, but they know I gave everything I had. I think that's it. For me, it's the love I have for the city and what the club has done for me personally, and for family. This is my home, after all. Every time I come anywhere near the stadium it brings back memories.

"I'm absolutely content. It's nice to be back home permanently. It was always hard for me being away from Newcastle, especially with my family and my children being here. I was conscious that, this season, I wanted to be around more. I've done this for a long time - 18 years - and I just felt, moving forward, anything that I was going to do would have to come from being based in Newcastle. It limits the amount of clubs that you can commute to. I was aware of that fact. I'm just biding my time, thinking about all the different options that are out there. I'm taking my time and not making any quick decisions about my future. I'm just enjoying being back home.

"I'm doing bits of everything. I've been doing the coaching at the Academy for a long time. I'm keen to continue that and help the next generation of kids coming through. I'm enjoying my time, not really knowing what the next step is yet. I'm doing what I can. Every time I come into the stadium, it's hard, because for so long I was going in the home dressing room, walking out on to the pitch. Those are all memories that I'll never forget, I hope I'll always be part of this club, no matter if I'm playing or not. It's in my blood. It always has been. I guess, for me, I'm just grateful to have had the privilege for so long."

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