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I will come back better - Christian Atsu

“It’s been three weeks now since I did my surgery and I’ve been working on my recovery. I’ve been doing gym work and I’m feeling better and getting stronger each and every day.”I had a problem with my fat pad where parts of it were touching it and they had to fat pad part of it away. The doctor said that everything was successful. The recovery will take three to four months, but he also said everything will depend on how I’m feeling. I had the injury for three years and I was playing with it, but I thought to myself: ‘This is the right time to solve this problem.’ I want to be better when I’m playing and to be pain free too. So I’m very happy that at least I have the chance to solve it.

“My target is to get my knee fit and stronger than before, then after I will think about pre-season. If I can make it, I will be very happy. But my first target is to get the knee stronger - and I don’t want to see a specific time on it. Most of the time when you do surgery, if you don’t listen to the doctor’s instructions then you will have problems in the future. I don’t want to have these kind of problems again. I want to keep the knee stronger so in the future I can be even better. I can assure you that 100 per cent I will be better than last season for sure. I believe that when I’m playing, the fans will see a big difference in me.”

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