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Kieron Dyer regrets the sacking of Bobby Robson

Dyer told Talksport: "Yeah I do. We played Boro and he wanted me to play left-wing and I didn’t want to play there because my head had gone. My reasons were that earlier in pre-season another player was basically pleading not to play left-wing. I ended up playing there instead because it was in a friendly and the buzzer had sounded to go out for the second half. Everybody else seemed to get to pick where they wanted to play and we’d just signed James Milner. Then five games later he got sacked. I always to this day take full responsibility. Even when it broke in the paper he was still wanting to protect me.

"He’d still ring me up and still have chats. We had a father and son relationship but it didn’t make it easier. I always look back and think if we’d have I’d played the Boro game and we’d won he might have kept his job.

"The Press had a field day when Souness came in because they said he’d sort out the ‘Brat Pack’. He told me he’d beat me up if I stepped out of line. He took me into his office and said he could look back on his career and say he’d give his all. He asked me if I could and we both laughed because I knew I couldn’t. We got labelled the brat pack. But we were friends and it showed on our pitch. We had a special bond and we excelled."

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