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Florian Lejeune on living in Newcastle & thoughts on the Bournemouth game

Lejeune told the Chronicle: “I like to keep active when I’m not playing or training. It’s been a bit cold recently but that’s OK. A couple of weeks ago I went to Tynemouth which I really enjoyed. I’ve also been to Hadrian’s Wall to do a photo shoot and I have been to Edinburgh which was really good. I like to sleep quite a lot, I do this after training. I have always enjoyed my sleep! But I do have a normal life. I come home and I spend time with my wife and we’ll watch TV series together. We always like to go to the town and go to the shopping centres. We don’t like to stay indoors too much. When we are out a lot of the time the Geordie people come over to say hello. Sometimes they may not approach me but they will give me a little wave and acknowledge me.

“We do have to adapt to games each week because the opponents in this division do vary. All of the opponents have different game plans and techniques.“For example, the Bournemouth game will be very different to Man United, there may be some direct balls and we will have to work out how we play it. The Bournemouth game would be what I see as a typical game in the English league.”

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