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Mikel Merino on the Man City game & adapting to British weather

"I watched the Liverpool game and it was a huge game, with two teams of that quality facing each other. It’s always a good game to watch, Liverpool knew what to do against the best team in the league and finally Liverpool showed that Man City can be beaten. We are going to try to do the same thing. Every match is different, but the way they lost the last game and they almost tied against us at St James’ Park makes us believe a little bit more about the possibilities.

"It is such a big game against such a big club and such a big team that good players, it doesn’t matter really the dynamic they have, we will approach it in the same way. It is going to be a really big game for us, we are going to try to win all three points and we have the clues of how to do it. To see these kinds of players and managers play and coach is amazing. I’m going to try to do my best if I have the luck to play, and then we’ll see what happens.

“In the north of Spain in Pamplona it rains a lot and it is cold as well, so I knew what snow was like and I’m sort of used to it, I haven’t been used to the cold and the snow here though! It is a different level, but I come from an area where it has been cold before. It has not affected me. I have felt the love of the area ever since I have been here. But it was not the best day to train because the pitch was completely full of snow, so we had to train in the indoor pitch. It’s different training indoors than outside, but the main thing is that we are focused on the game; it doesn’t matter on which pitch you train, the focus is the same. I think we are preparing really good for that game and we have a chance.”

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