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DeAndre Yedlin disappointed with the draw

"That’s what’s so disappointing. The first half, we felt we were on top and could have scored two or three goals to put the game away. We did show character to come back from 1-0 down, and from then on until the end of the game we had a lot of pressure on them. At the end of the day, I think we’re disappointed with that result. I think we felt we deserved more from it. Against a team that’s around us in the table, those are the points we need to be taking. I don’t think anybody is satisfied with that result.

"I didn’t really know exactly where the goal was, but obviously Darlow was out and I was covering for him, and it was lucky that it kind of came my way and I did what I needed to do. (To win against Burnley) is huge. And the fans deserve it because they’ve supported us through the whole season, and even through our run where we weren’t playing as well and had some losses, they were still right behind us. So if anybody deserves it, the fans do. We’re looking to do it – especially for them, to get them excited again. And hopefully we can just get a good run started.”

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