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The city lives for football says Florian Lejeune

“In England, games are often quite intense so if you are not ready physically, it is complicated. I am ready but I am still adapting. I am in a new league, so the style of play is different and it is more physical as well. I know I need to work more on the physical and tactical side of my game. There are very physical strikers that are difficult to come up against, even if they are not always the most well-known, like at Burnley or Bournemouth. But they make plenty of runs and make sure I have my work cut out.

“But I felt like I belonged very quickly, seeing as I had gotten back into the habit of playing. The coach wanted to me to get back right away which quickly gave me confidence. I played multiple matches even though we went through a complicated period where we were not getting results. For us to assure Premier League safety as fast as possible and for me to impose myself. Simple.

“No lie, it feels mad. As soon as you come onto the pitch, 52,000 people are screaming and singing. It’s really impressive. When I signed, I saw the stadium but I did not fully realise it until the first game. The matches always sell out - and away from home there are 2,500-3,000 travelling fans. The city lives for football.”

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