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Dwight Gayle says we need to go back to the drawing board

"We need to be working harder as a team, and show a bit of commitment, I suppose. When we are defending we need to be a lot tighter, a lot more compact and make things tougher than we have to in the last couple of weeks. We need to go back to the drawing board, I suppose, and put in a good performance.

"We know they have got vast experience in the Premier League. They are going to be very aware and very tactical. They are a big side from set pieces and they have got some good attackers so we know we have to be concentrated and we cannot take things for granted. We need to go there and grind out a performance.

"The first couple of games of the bad run we have been on - the performances weren’t that bad. We were unlucky to lose them but the last two performances haven’t been the best and obviously the boys are keen to get back tomorrow. It’s good that it has come just two days after, so we can put things right.

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