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Massadio Haidara admits he almost left in the summer

“I may have gone or I may have stayed last summer. I had a deal with one team and it didn’t get done in the end. So I came back here, and just went back in with the Newcastle players. I was always happy to do that and come back. If I had left I would have been happy too because I know I would have played more. It was 50-50. Wherever I am I will be focused on the team I am playing for. I will always give 100% for the club I’m at. Now I know I am here it is 100% focus on Newcastle.

“It’s great to just get some minutes. Even when it is the Under-23s I always get pleasure playing for them. We played well and won the game too. So it was a good night all round. I am always here to help the team. I know I am not the first choice left-back but if they need me I am here to help the team. It does not matter if I am in the team or not or the squad or not, I always try to train hard and be at 100%. If they need me I will be here. I have had tough times. I know the main thing for me is to be healthy now. This is very important because when I am healthy I can help. But like I say I am not first choice so I have to turn the situation around and that’s what I always try. I always try to do that.

“You have to perform no matter what team you are playing for. Even if you are playing for the Under-23s you have to do it for yourself fitness-wise. And you are giving everything for the team. I want to enjoy playing again.”

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