Northumberland councillor sees the positives with the Saudi backed NUFC takeover

Councillor Richard Wearmouth, Northumberland County Council Cabinet member for Economic Development, spoke to Paul at Newcastle Fans TV about the Saudia PIF backed bid to buy Newcastle United from Mike Ashley for a reported £300 million

“Effectively I am wanting to make it clear that this takeover represents a huge opportunity for the North East region. I am responsible for regeneration in Northumberland and literally you could not want anything much more than this to help change our city centre economy.”

“When Newcastle United do well every one in our region is lifted, no one who lived through the 90s and early 00s can deny that amazing feeling of Champions League level football.”

“Regarding the deal itself the government via the Culture Minister has made clear yesterday that there will be no government intervention, inferring that the government has no issue with the bid.”

“Therefore it will come down to the Premier League. It is clear that the Premier League is dragging out the process due to worries of how it is viewed, that is something that has been said by many in the industry with links to the Premier League. That worry in the league is happening in part because there is no positive voice coming from the region and that is what I am trying to highlight.”

“We need to send that message that we back this bid. When it is approved it will transform our area and we should not be shy about saying it.”

“On the issue of International politics, Saudi Arabia is a significant trading partner. I’ve worked there as an engineer over a decade ago, I have friends who have spent years working there and there are many Geordies will no doubt in the future.”

“There are thinks I like about the place and some things I don’t. I have no doubt that more links with places like Newcastle offer up an opportunity to raise those concerns in a friendly constructive way. And if that means inviting Boris up to St James once we can all get back there then I’ll be doing that.”

Stayed tuned for a video interview later today on Newcastle Fans TV with Councillor Wearmouth.

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