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An opportunity for Joelinton?

It's fair to say his time so far in black and white hasn't been the best has it? Bar that magical day away at Tottenham we have not really seen much of Joelinton in front of goal. I feel he is a lad in a difficult spot right now. An inexperienced young player in the wrong kind of team for him to thrive as a striker.

I feel the lack of scouting here to sign a player like Joelinton for a squad like ours to play in a wrong position and spend £40million is beyond baffling to me. But that is not his fault. He is being made the scapegoat for other players' shortcomings. Cough* Charnley* Ashley* mates with agents cough* That being said, Allan Saint-Maximin is out for the rest of the year. Maybe a return in the FA Cup for him. Is it potentially a new opportunity for our misfiring striker? The way he plays, he is more suited to being a winger. Hoffenhiem proved this last season where he played on the flank in a front three. And did very well there. I feel with the way we play, the frontman would get more freedom as a winger and play off those midfielders he has not had the chance play off to all season. As when we don't have the ball, He becomes very isolated. For me it could be the change he needs to finally blossom as a Newcastle player. As right now, I feel we are at our most deadly when Carroll leads the line. Even if Gayle plays, I think he's more of a threat as a striker than Joelinton is as a striker at present. I know Christian Atsu is a safer option but Joelinton on the wing I think we would definitely see a better player. Despite the problems the Brazilian has had this season, it is unlike players of the past like Emmanuel Riviere or Xisco who were just awful. Joelinton is a good technical player, we have seen that the talent is there so it is just down to Bruce to harness that in the best possible way!

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