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Could you offer something to Newcastle Fans TV?

Before the start of every season, we take a look at the options for Newcastle Fans TV - as we live in a forever evolving world - we're not specifically looking for a dedicated role, however we're open to suggestions.

Currently we have a team at NFTV of 10 people, not all of them you see on camera, as some on work on Facebook - where as others are a mix between YouTube & the socials, & others only on YouTube.

We've been going since 2015, then going full-time a year later, massing up a following of over 122,000 on our Facebook page, 43,000 on our main Youtube channel (we have two channels), plus on X & Instagram at around 48,000. We've had some huge names on with the likes of Allan Saint-Maximin, Alan Shearer & many more - you can view the list on our site.

So, ideally we're looking for someone who is local, this is important as we've had people live away from the area & it hasn't really worked out as they can't be in the moment with us at games & we like to go for meet ups with events, filming, & going for food/drinks.

All of our roles are voluntary, with rewards. Each of our team picks up money from the amount of work they do on both of our YouTube channels, as well as Facebook monetisation from videos on there - some earn quite a chunk, work hard, play hard they say!

We have very close ties with NUFC Women, giving people the opportunity to be in a professional environment interviewing & working with a camera. The opportunity to use services paid for by NFTV such as Canva, Capcut & Evmux. Put you in contact with previous guests so you can collaborate with them in the future. We're at every mens home & away games, & almost every home/away matches for the lasses, so you can jump on camera if you're at a game.

The lads will help you on any questions you may have, whether you can bring graphic designing to the table, you're a social media expert, write articles for us, you're a brilliant editor or even if you fancy yourself being a decent presenter - whatever it may be, we'd love to hear from you.

Please drop us an email at:



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