Martin Dubravka would like European football at NUFC

"I would like to put this club a little higher in the table. It definitely deserves to be higher. It's a great club with a great history and the dressing room is full of great players so the only thing is bringing it on the pitch, bringing this club much higher. It deserves to play in the Europe leagues - that's my goal - so hopefully step by step we can put the club where it should be. I think the club's invested money and also they want to be part of the community of teams who can fight for the Europa League. I always want to play in this competition because it's something special but, as I said, every team in the Premier League is quality. The teams are full of quality players so it's going to be tough but everything is possible.

"It is an amazing feeling. I have to say that it feels like time has flown. It's been almost two years and I've found great people here who I can call friends. I've enjoyed my time here and I'm very glad that I can stay here for another six years.

"I've played football since I was five or six - quite a long time - and I would love to give some advice to the younger players, the younger 'keepers as well so that would be a great idea to be a coach or part of the coaching staff," he added, "We will see what's going to happen but it could be great."