Joelinton speaks about his aims for Newcastle & Brazil

"I want to have a great season, I'm training for it. I'm happy to be here, I'm focused, motivated, I hope to adapt quickly. I hope to start the season well. And just like the team, let's go game by game, do my best, score goals, and finish the season well. I think English football is more busy, more melee. In Germany football is also very intense, but here it is even more so. The level is higher, it is the best league. I have to adapt quickly to the game level. Players have a higher level in most clubs.

"We know that the Premier League is not easy. The most outstanding players left. They are players who will be missed by the group. And those who are here, played the last fighting - fighting not to fall. I arrived now with the new coach, but we know that we need to evolve a lot, we need to work hard and think game by game. We have to make our home our strong point. Let's not think we can be champions, because that's not the case, but thinking about playing the game, we'll see where we can go.

"I can say that I played my whole life from center forward, since the base, I always played number 9. Centered. But I like to leave the area. I don't like to be "paradão". But I can also get more in the area if the coach needs to, because I'm big, I can hold the ball well for the players from behind. But yes, I hope one day to arrive Brazilian Team. This is what every Brazilian player dreams of. I know it's closer here because I'm in the best league in the world. I know that if I have a great season with Newcastle, there may be an opportunity. It's not easy, because Brazil has great strikers, and they are here too. But I think if I have a good season, the chance may come.

"So far it's very quiet, it's not too cold, it's not raining much. There are some Spaniards in the group, I can talk because I don't speak English well yet. There is a player who played with me at Hoffenheim, the group welcomed me, is very united. The city is also very cool, the fans have welcomed me very well since the day I arrived. Even before I was getting messages, so it's a really nice affection."