Jonjo Shelvey isn't going anywhere

"You see things over the summer like Rafa staying or going. Then he doesn't stay and it's who will come in? Will they like you or not? It's part and parcel of football and it is what it is. You can't control it. All you can do is put it in during training and games. Whether a manager likes you is something you can't control you just have to be professional and do your job.

"I won't be leaving this club. I don't know who wants me to leave or stay but as far as I am concerned I am at Newcastle United. I am not looking to go anywhere. I did not down tools and continued doing the right things. That is what I will continue to do. At the end of the day the club pays your wages and you respect them for that. Fans pay your wages too so I will not toss it off just because things didn't go my way. I am here and love the North-East. It is a brilliant place to live and my kids and wife are settled. At the end of the day I want to continue doing what I'm doing.

"There is nothing as players we can do. You have to do your job and get on with it. I am just looking forward to playing games now. It's not ideal but it is what it is. It happens in football and you have to take it in your stride. The club have been working hard. Neil Redfearn and Ben Dawson have come in and have done a good job. We've been working hard in training and the sessions they have put on for us are enjoyable. That is half the battle when somebody comes in. They need to get the lads on board and that's what they have done. We are now looking forward to playing the game now.

"My thigh was ruptured in two places. I was constantly asked to take injections to play in games. In the end, I could not do it any more, I needed to take that time out. I was unfortunate. The lads went into the team and did well when I was out. That's all it was. I am back for pre-season and the only way I could get back in the team was go away in the summer. I am back in the best physical shape I can be. I know if I am back at that level physically again I am good enough to get in this team.

"I did not want the season to end - I wanted to keep going. Look, you aren't going to go through every season having an unbelievable year. You are going to have bad years. Hopefully that was my bad year. The injury is behind me now, I just want to train every day. I want to get back to doing what I love, pulling on a shirt and playing."


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