Ki believes having his first summer off will benefit him

“I had an injury, and then the first period of the season I didn’t play much. I went to the Asian Cup, and came back with the injury, so it was a little bit confused. But, I think, it was a great experience working with the manager. He’s the top manager in the league. I learnt a lot of things from him. Hopefully, next season, it’ll be better than this season.

“This will be the first full vacation of my career. I want to rest very well with my family, as that’s never happened in my life before. I always had international games in my holidays. So, hopefully, I’ll spend six weeks well, and come back stronger - stronger than last season. After the World Cup, I had two or three weeks off, and I didn’t prepare well in pre-season. Hopefully, next season the pre-season will be much stronger, and I will do better than last season.

“If you have international games, you have to train - that’s not rest. You have to train and play in the summer, and after that you three weeks off and have to come back to the team. It’s very difficult. Mentally, of course, you need a rest, because the whole season you have a lot of pressure and stress from the games and everything. Hopefully, it’s going to be a nice break.”