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Newcastle United steward sacked for leaving post for a selfie

A Newcastle United steward has been sacked by the club for leaving his position for 15 minutes to grab a selfie with Ciaran Clark and captain Jamaal Lascelles as he went inside where players pass. Musab Said got carried away after the home game with Blackburn in the FA Cup when he was positioned in an unfamiliar role and left the area of the Platinum lift to go and in and grab one of the stars in Rafa Benitez's squad.

Musab's role was to stop the public gaining access, he was spotted inside by a supervisor and he had a meeting to discuss what he had been up to, later he received a letter detailing he has been relieved of his duties as a steward.

The letter said:

"It is felt that to neglect your position, both by leaving your assigned position and by removing your hi-vis jacket, in order to take pictures was a serious health and safety breach and breach of company safety steward policies. Your actions showed no regard for ensuring the safety of yourself or others - which is not only a requirement of all employees but the focus of your role as safety steward. These behaviours are deemed reckless in your position as safety steward.

"In addition to this it is felt that the use of your mobile phone showed a further example of disregard for club rules and procedures. After careful consideration of all the facts, it is concluded that your actions amount to gross misconduct under the club's discipline policy and procedure."

Musab will be appealing the decision. Rightly so.


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