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Boycott or Not to Boycott: That is the Question?

The life of a Newcastle supporter continues to elate, depress, confuse and anger. This week has been no different. The understandable skepticism from the Geordie faithful has been turned up a notch since Monday night.

Speaking to Sky News after his appearance in parliament, owner Mike Ashley was asked about the possible sale of the club. The look from the southern business man was one that remained not expecting questions along those lines, having already outlaid his plans to ‘save the Highstreet’. However he did give some positive news, stating that “talks are further along than they have been in the past”.

This has led to a massive upturn in talks of a possible takeover of the club, with various news outlets (Telegraph, Guardian and the Chronicle) stating that up to FOUR interested parties are talking to Ashley and his London based Law firm, St James’ Holdings.

The sceptic in me feels this is the opportune time for Ashley to release details about a takeover, with the planned boycott of the Wolves game this Sunday, and the upcoming January transfer window. But, NUFC fanzine The True Faith have today released an editorial relinquishing their support of the boycott, amid some promising noises coming regarding the end of 11 years of hurt.

This then poses the question, will the boycott still take place on Sunday? Or will The Magpie Group call of the whole thing, in what, if we are being overly optimistic, can be classed as the news we have all be waiting to hear?

You can tell from twitter that there is still some support to boycott Sunday’s game, with the Magpie Group even listing various bars around the city centre on Twitter where you can watch the televised game. However there are still those that intend to go to the game on Sunday.

I know from speaking to the chairman of the Magpie Group a couple of weeks ago, it is their belief that the hierarchy at St James’ will take any appearance by fans on Sunday as support of Ashley and his regime. But it has to be said, this was all said before the positive noises of a potential takeover.

Could have been that the 11-minute walk-in at the West Ham game, and the contrasting views to its success rate could have already helped fans make up their mind about the boycott.

No one is here to tell you what to do, we all support our club in our own way, and people will want to demonstrate their annoyance at how the club has been run in their own way. Although I do feel there should be a collective consensus, that if the boycott was to happen, any anti-Ashley feelings be left outside the ground on Sunday.

Let the boycott do what it is there to do, give a visual demonstration of the unhappiness of his running of the club to a national audience, after all isn’t the old saying ‘actions speak louder than words’. But those who attend the game on Sunday, instead of the numerous ‘get out of our club’ chants, lets support the team, without the backdrop of anti-Ashley chants, like we did against Watford, Bournemouth and Burnley.

Regardless of what the players say, a negative atmosphere from the stands will affect them on the pitch. It is my belief that is what happened on Saturday, along with a bad day at the office for a number of players.

Because lets face it, is there any other more intimidating stadium in Britain when 50,000+ Geordies get behind the team, in 90 mins of full support of the players and manager, and not pockets of distaste aimed at a fat bloke in the comfy seats?

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