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Ayoze Perez enjoys it in England

“Newcastle is my second home. I’ve been there for four years and I’ve grown a lot. I am already almost bilingual. I like to grow, I am ambitious and what I think is that I need to keep taking steps forward. Rafa Benitez has been responsible for helping me improve and for my important lessons. He is a top coach. To this day, I have no intention of leaving England. I’m very comfortable at Newcastle and in the Premier League. It is a very professional football level. I already feel a little bit English.

“I’m recharging the batteries. The year has been hard and the holidays are well deserved, although right now my form is at its best. At any time of the year you can have a weak spell. We had a bump in the middle of the season but we finished very well. All my goals this year have been important, they were beautiful but the best thing is that they were at important moments of the season and they gave us points. The goal against Leicester was very beautiful. I also scored against Arsenal at home and that day we confirmed our status. At home we took points from all the big sides except Manchester City. Survival this year was 36 points. That my goals helped us win 12 points is very important. Only the one I scored against Watford did not win us points.

“From this season I will remember the victory against Chelsea on the last day. It was my first double in the Premier League, my family was there and we finished 10th - it was very special. The last game of the season in the year we were relegated was also special when we scored five goals against Tottenham. There were 55,000 people in the stadium cheering us on. I did not quite understand it because he was also very touched. It was incredible”.

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