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Keeping clean sheets is a team effort says Ciaran Clark

"I think for every defender, that's their main aim; they want to keep clean sheets, and obviously the goalie. It's been a tough month and when the squad's not as big as other teams, it makes it more difficult but we're just trying to keep everyone fit and as fresh as possible fot the games that are coming up.

"But as a team, that's what we've tried to do - it's not just the back four or five, it's the whole team working hard to try and keep the clean sheet and give ourselves the best opportunity to go up the other end and get a goal. As a team, we want to keep as many clean sheets as possible and we know that if we do manage that, we'll usually create chances that will give us a chance to win games.

"We did well against Brighton to keep a clean sheet but didn't manage to get an opportunity to score. But we created plenty on Monday and I think definitely deserved to win the game. I think we created the better chances - I know they piled on a lot of pressure towards the end of the game but throughout the game, I think we were the better team and deserved to win."

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