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Newcastle could be a Man City or a West Brom says Shay Given

"I do feel that they need to strengthen in January. The other side of that is it’s not easy to get players in in January from other clubs as well, because they don’t want to sell their better players. It’s not just a matter of if the new owners are in or not. It’s easy enough to say: ‘Oh, we’re getting all of these players in’, but the other clubs have to be willing to sell them.

"It’s not black and white that that will happen. They definitely need to strengthen, just to give the lads a pick-up.

"It’s hard to speculate on any names because, these people who are coming in, people say they have loads of money, but who actually knows how much they’ve got to spend? No one knows. Are they gonna have the sort of money, the financial backing that Man City had? Or are they gonna be like another club that’s been taken over with less financial backing, like maybe a West Brom or something?

"I don’t know exactly how much they’re gonna spend. They probably wouldn’t tell you much they’re gonna spend. But it’d be interesting to know if they’ve got serious money. Because of the way the transfer market’s gone in recent seasons, if someone says: ‘You’ve got £20m or £30m to spend in January’, you might not even get one player for that. That’s the reality of the market. 10 years ago, £20m or £30m would have been nice, but not anymore.

"Well, I think you’d probably start at the front. They’re not scoring enough goals so that’s probably the obvious need. You’d say they need a proven goalscorer really. You can say any name you wanted but the other problem is, is he gonna come to Newcastle? Can you attract them?

It’s not just: ‘You can get him, you can get him and you can get him’, they have to want to come and join the club."

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