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Mikel Merino honoured to be up against Cesc Fabregas

“I am looking forward to playing against Fabregas – he has been a great player for Spain and in the Premier League. For a player like me, who is young and playing my first matches as a professional, it is incredible to play against someone like Cesc Fabregas. You feel like you are in a film or a video game. It is amazing to be able to play against one of these players, but it makes me even more determined to improve myself so I can fight with them. I want to show that I am at the same level they are, and deserve to be playing against them. Why not? Why not try to eventually get better than them.

“Chelsea have some great Spanish players. They have great players all over the field, but it is obviously the Spanish players that I know most about and have grown up watching. We know it is going to be a hard match, but we will be going with plenty of confidence, knowing that we can beat anybody. We want to produce a great match.

“I think the fight that we showed in the last game is the most important thing that a team can have. That kind of mentality, and the way we fought for each ball, is what you have to have if you want to achieve anything. We did not lose our mind even though we were 2-0 behind. We kept fighting, and that is the spirit that this team has. We have to keep going showing that character now.

“My mentality is that I always want to try to get on the ball, even if it is at a difficult stage of the game. That is the way I have always played – I always want to get more touches of the ball, and I always want to play hard and strong, with intensity. This is the mentality we all have to have.”

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