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Supermac says Burnley v Newcastle won't be a classic

"I’m expecting to witness a terrific tactical battle when I settle down to watch Newcastle play at Burnley on Monday night. Because in lots of ways they are a spitting image of one another. If I said the team is disciplined, hard working, physically strong, with a great spirit I could be describing Burnley as well as United. Neither side has an overload of flair, we aren’t going to witness The Entertainers, but it will be fascinating for the football connoisseur. United will have to show all the determination and patience they displayed against Crystal Palace if they are to succeed at Turf Moor.

"Burnley don’t score a lot of goals, they aren’t going to get three against you, but they will make life tough. The first to blink loses. United are a team in the mould of their manager. Rafa isn’t an Antonio Conte or Jurgen Klopp. He doesn’t run up and down the side of the pitch pumping his fist in the air. He remains calm and collected even when Newcastle score. It’s not a lack of passion it’s just that he realises a team is most vulnerable after a goal and he’s already trying to organise and urge his players to concentrate. The Jumping Jacks may appeal to the neutrals but Rafa is Mr Calm and it works for him and his team.

"Funnily enough even though the game itself was dire, I admired what Newcastle did to get three points against Palace. They stuck to their game plan, to doing all the right things despite it not all coming off for individuals, and so with four minutes to go got the vital breakthrough. Winning when not playing well is a massive plus for any side. It shows character and camaraderie.

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