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New roles at Newcastle Fans TV in 2022

With the New Year here & we want to push on in 2022 & we have some fantastic roles available at Newcastle Fans TV.

First up is we are looking for a Facebook admin to join our team, the person in question will need good knowledge of extracting news & banter from several of sources which we can help with. Ideally having someone local who attends games is a huge advantage as we'd like all of our team to be apart of our matchday videos, not just our YouTube team. This is a voluntary role but it comes with incredible commission rates.

Secondly, we're looking for contributors towards our second channel: NFTV Extra to help with the demand we need for that channel, if the content is regular & at a high standard (we can help edit), there's no reason why anyone can't join our team on a permanent basis - most of our team before joining NFTV shown a willingness to show they want to be part of a successful team by going out of their way. The role is voluntary, but does have commission rates.

Our third option which is the most important role, we're looking for a video editor, at the moment we have just one, so it's something we're always wary of & we'd love someone who is nuts on football & loves editing. This is a voluntary role but by far the most important role at Newcastle Fans TV.

Finally, we still seek writers for this website, to contribute any article they wish to see fit. This is perfect for anyone with a bit of spare time, students, people trying to build their portfolio or just loves writing about their football club. This a voluntary role.

Send us a message on our site or drop us an email at




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