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KTNUFC's Take on the week Vol 3

Okay, so this is the third week in a row on my blog. I am really enjoying the article side of things like. Ever since the rebrand of the website and with our analytics showing facebook really helps the website, as a facebook admin or social media lad for the channel. I feel a little responsible for the website. So I’m gonna keep coming up with ideas and articles for you. As long as you are a keen reader hahaha.

Finally!!: No it’s not the Rock, I’ll leave the wrestling stuff to Geordie Ric. But as in finally! The football is back this week! After long last! It feels like about 45 years since we won at St Mary’s so its actually nice to be talking about the football for a change. As the last few months have just been a frustrating existence. Lockdown, takeover, takeover, Takeover, TAKEOVER! And despite all the stories, exclusives, in the know people on twitter….We still have the same owner. And despite the longest test knowing to man still going on. Really, we’re no further forward are we? So the football being back is very welcome in my opinion!!

And I know, behind closed doors isn’t the greatest thing. Of course we’d all rather be in attendance at St James this weekend but at the very least it’ll give us that release again. Something the look forward to from a NUFC front.

Sheffield United: So, this is the first preview of this little series I’ve got. Before the lockdown the Blades we’re one of the better teams in the league. Sitting comfortably in the top half. No-one expected them to do well this season. But they’ve continued to fight for every point under Wilder and United really represent the steel city well.

That being said. We did beat them at Bramball Lane earlier in the season. But this time round it is a very different situation. All players are back to square one in terms of fitness. It’s very much like a premier league game at the start of a league season. Match fitness very much an issue and no recent competition form to speak of. So if you’re a betting man. It’s hard to predict which way this is going to go. Bruce has been playing 4-2-3-1 in the warm up behind closed door games. So that’s a good indicator of what we’re going to play against Sheffield United. Our opponents re-open the premier league fixtures playing Aston Villa on Wednesday. So It’ll be interesting to see how they set up and what kind of form they have. That extra game could play into their hands with it being competitive football.

Now the question is who starts for us? I think Joelinton will go back up top from the start. He’s shown signs of improvement in the friendlies but he’s got to prove it in the league. I’d love to see him prove the doubters wrong in the last few games. He will have my full support that’s for sure. A good result could get us close to that all important 40 point mark. But by no means is that time to go on the beach.

No Matty or Sean either by the looks of it. So I expect to see Bentaleb start with either Shelvey or Hayden in the middle. Miggy and ASM to get the nod. With the regulars playing in defence and of course Dubravka in goal.

These players will be playing for places next season/ contracts. Etc. Because if the miracle of a takeover does happen. A lot of these players that haven’t impressed, there futures would be in serious doubt. So hopefully that’s a major positive of having this potential takeover talk looming over us…..

NFTV Meeting: So before the season kicked off all the lads from the channel used the powers of the digital world to come together to plot out the end of the season’s content for the Youtube channel. We do have a couple of major post match surprises in store for you.

One thing I will announce from this meeting is the Quick thoughts video which mostly involves me from now till the end of the season is going to be on NFTV Extra. With the video being re-visited when we get back into stadiums weather the series will stay on the 2nd channel or go back to the main channel.

One thing I do want to say is over the season I’ve been like the main person to ring you quick thoughts. And you all get involved weather it’s a shit draw, awful loss or a brilliant win. Its got a loyal following so I really hope the series which I will continue to do will continue to grow.

On the whole the meeting went very well with the lads. And I’ve always said if we stay on the same page we can do owt as a team. And this meeting is defiantly proof of that.

Next week I have all sorts coming to the website and the 2nd channel. I’ll be on the main channel on the regular this week so I’ve got a busy week in store. Hopefully the next weekly blog is going to be celebrating 3 points. HTWL!!

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