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Takeover: Be Patient!

All is good as of today ! Let's look at what we all know in this collective therapy session post.

Firstly, contracts have been exchanged and deposits paid. We also know that the paperwork was sent to The Premier League on or around 9th April 2020, and that the legal framework is registered at Companies House. All of this is fact, proof seen and trusted journalists confirming all of this as well. Everybody fine?

Let's cast our minds back to Manchester City's take over checks, they took four weeks - but that was with no Coronavirus pandemic; which will clearly slow it down so we are still within normal time frames.

Then factor in who else has passed these 'tests' from up and down the football pyramid. Look at Sisu at Coventry City, then look at Carson Yeung at Birmingham, or a certain Mike Ashley at Newcastle. Or how about the Manchester City or Chelsea ownerships? Yes, despite human rights issues, despite complaints, despite criminal activity, despite victorian sweatshop working conditions in some parts they all were fine. Remember there's no morality clause; its big business and cash talks, especially in football - everyone looking forward to the Qatar World Cup?

Look Manchester City's Abu Dhabi-backed takeover in 2008, that was not stopped despite similar concerns as those raised today about Newcastle's regime change, while former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra bought City in 2007 despite a myriad of political and legal problems.

In this day and age, sports bodies do need to be at least seen as more morally aware, even if they are only doing so when forced into a corner with difficult questions, but money talks. How much are they losing per week during this pandemic, millions? Do they really want the consequences of a refusal and the risk that brings? I don't think Boris Johnson will be pleased if football ruins international trade deals also.

We must not also forget, the NUFC consortium have the world's top lawyers and consultants working on this deal, and Staveley herself, has pursued Newcastle United for over two years! These lawyers will most definitely have excellent knowledge/experience and will have all the bases covered and every come back ready!

You're frustrated, I'm frustrated, but please be patient and remember many others hate our club anyway. Many others have agendas. Many journalists need click bait and to follow column inches, so will write any old stuff as its suits their agenda.

So let's see what comes soon and see who laughs last. Just remember they're still fighting for our club and they would love it, love it if they break up the existing top six establishment!

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