Now isn't the time to be ashamed to be a Newcastle fan......

I've seen loads of posts, tweets, articles, messages about this stuff with Bein sports, Amnesty and alot of people trying to throw the Saudi's past in the faces of us Newcastle fans. Trying to make us feel guilty for being affiliated with Newcastle United because they are on the brink of a potential takeover with the Saudi Prince Mohamed Bin Salmen.....

Let me just press pause for a second on this. Making Newcastle fans feel guilty? Are you having a laugh!?

I've always been told one thing about football. Don't EVER. Mix it with politics. Why should Geordies feel guilty? We've had Mike Ashley for 13 long hard years. Of frustration, fans turning on each other, protests and thousands of hardcore supporters refusing to enter St James part until Mike Ashley is gone!

And now it's potentially on the verge of ending. Why should we feel anything but excitement and joy? We've had a depression over this club for 13 years and you won't even let us enjoy this?

Now I get what Amnesty have said. We should educate ourselves on the goings on in Saudi Arabia in recent memory. It is a valid point. The fanbase should look into it. And educate themselves with it. But feel guilty for it? Absolutely not.

It seems to be not only very late but also hypocritical from Amnesty if am honest. Why now? Not when Sheffield United were bought by a Saudi Arabian? Where was this letter when Anthony Joshua was scheduled to fight in Saudi Arabia. No letter for Eddie hearn about how Immoral he is?

The other main two Bein Sports and Richard Keys. They want to preach morality but its the worst thing I've ever heard. Richard Keys..... Needs no introduction on morality does he?

Bein sports owned by Qatari's. Just type up what they're doing to people to build these stadiums for the world Cup in 2022. But they want to preach morality to the 19 other Premier league clubs to veto the takeover? Have a day off man.

But yeah let's talk about morality because it's Newcastle United.....

This next bit again backs up the total hypocrisy from Amnesty and Bein sports... Man United have just announced a sporting partnership with a Saudi company. Not a peep from the English media. No Amnesty letter. Nothing. Yet its under the umbrella of the very same bloke wanting to buy us! Literally double standards!

What I will say is this. Don't let these people make you feel guilty for being a Newcastle fan. No matter what anyone says.

We've had to put up with Mike Ashley for far far to long now. And we maybe within days of finally being rid of the parasite that's plagued us and our club.

Get those cans chilled. Because even in isolation the whole world is gonna hear us!

And If it is a case of us against the world. Then so fu*king be it!



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