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Why Twitter is the now the leading player in how football is reported

A decade a go, newspapers were your source for all the latest news in the world of football, or the only 24 sports news programme & still is to this day - Sky Sports News. Fast forward to 2020 & Newcastle United are on the brink of a takeover, but the news that story & many others like it, don't stem from newspapers - now there is a new player in this online world, it's Twitter. News can break before Sky Sports News' researchers get their hands on to a news story, you can have a photo leaked, or even a verified journalist claiming what they would call an exclusive. The platform allows you to interact with other like minded football fans, including those in the public eye.

Pause for moment, go take a look at your favourite Facebook page, or even the biggest one you follow, do you notice something filled on their timeline?

You've nailed it, the majority is from Twitter. Or go check out your favourite fanzine, even sports stories on BBC Sport to Sky Sports, where are all the quotes coming from, majority from Twitter, right?

Twitter has become the number one tool to get your fix of football news, whilst the platform has been criticised for allowing created fake accounts become trolls, & rightly so - everyone should need be verified to be able to have access to an account. Everyone in our beautiful game uses the platform to express their feelings, interact or break a story. It's an incredible platform.

We are now seeing more footballers, retired pro's & journalists create YouTube channel's as another platform to get their voice & their entertainment heard/seen out to a wider audience, so watch this space as the Google giant is a very much untapped industry for many.

Twitter themselves state: "Our philanthropic mission is to harness the positive power of Twitter to make the world a better place. We embrace this goal through civic engagement and volunteering, as well as content and data partnerships with NGOs and charities around the world. Our company embraces this mission by focusing our support where we can make the greatest impact."

Whilst you are here, follow our very own wonderful account @NewcastleFansTV - which is a reliable source of genuine Newcastle United news.

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