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My Day: Leicester City 1-2 Newcastle United (April 2018)

Allow me to take you back..... 2 years ago. Leicester City Away. Leicester were in Unreal form at the time. I think they were unbeaten in there last 5. Heading down on Paul's bus on the day (if you know, you know) I didn't know what to expect. In all honesty with how good Leicester were and how bad we were away from home that season only winning against Swansea and Stoke away I believe before that. I had very little hope we could get something on this day. But I couldn't be more wrong if I tried. Leicester to me became a really special away day for me that day. The atmosphere from the away corner was something that will always stay with me. It was absolutely Unreal from start to finish. The match was unbelievable. That match for me summed up Rafa Benitez's Newcastle reign. Full of passion, battled to the end. Those tackles one after another. The video is out there. The cheers get louder. Just a surreal experience. Both goals were special too. Jonjo Shelvey gave me that first away day goal experience. It's just such a unique and euphoric feeling. One I can't explain. And Perez repeating history to become the second Newcastle player to chip a Schmeichel On a personal note that was the first away win I'd seen. And I'll make it a goal to go to Leicester away every year. Even though last time out we got... Well absolutely destroyed. It still has that special memory aura for me. Leicester is a wonderful place......

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