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No answer from the developers of St James' Place

Four days a week I walk in to work opposite the cathedral on the hill, trotting down Barrack Road, it hits you full in the face to scream at you with it's beauty towering over you. As I walk towards the Gallowgate, I can't help feel sad we will all lose the views looking at the Gallowgate Stand as we make our way to a game, or walking past the ground and for me I work in the Welbar Central building which faces the eastern side of the Gallowgate Stand by the Strawberry Car Park. Currently as I type this article up I'm the by the window looking out at the stadium in the Winter sun, that'll be gone soon, that vision.

I have reached out to those who have been granted permission by Newcastle City Council for the right to redevelop the area, as I saw an article by the local press they wanted to reach out to Newcastle fans - however it's been two weeks since I approached both companies and no answer, was it just a publicity stunt to try please fans? I've asked for interviews but I generally feel they are running scared of the idea of facing up to fans who are against it.

Speaking on behalf of myself, there's two reasons why I'm against it. One being as I've touched upon already is the views around the ground are becoming more restricted with more and more buildings going around catering for students and businesses, even the place I work is a slight restriction on the view - am I being a hypocrite here? Secondly is of course the possible extension to the Gallowgate Stand which could lead to higher attendances and more money for the club, we all know currently this won't happen under the regime currently at St. James' Park as money simply isn't being pumped in. New ownership brings new hope and we all know the ground can only be extended via the Gallowgate due to the East Stand having listed buildings behind it.

If we were to be eventually taken over and trust me I'm wary of any media focus towards that subject – a new hope, a new manager, a new team, winning games, the training ground having improvements, fans wanting to come back to the ground, it makes sense to extend the ground if we are competing, a big if mind. However, the dream to do that has already been squashed due to the council approving the redevelopments.

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