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Making a case for Tom Allan

This young lad has been in super form this season for the under 23s, he has scored 14 goals in his previous 13 games.

It appears that there has not been as much hype around a young player like this for us since Elias Sorenson at the start of last season. I would appreciate it if the club did not appear to waste 18 months of a player's career again. Sorensen failed to receive a call up to the first team, it feels like is the right time to give Tom Allan the chance to step up to the plate.

Our forward line has come under a lot of criticism this season; they possess the joint least amount of goals in the league (with Crystal Palace). In recent weeks, no goals have been scored in each of the last three Premier League games.

I am not saying this lad is going to come in, bang in the requisite goals and be world class straight from the off. However, he has most definitely earned the chance to impress in the first team, especially with the likes of the under-performing Atsu sitting on the bench.

I watched Allan against Rochdale, where he made his debut for the first team. He is direct, fast and has no fear, He is, in my view, a raw talent. He looked dangerous and bagged himself an assist despite playing out of position.

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