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Miguel Almiron thanks the Newcastle fans for their love shown

“They have not seen the best of me, there is a lot more to come. Every game I’m learning from my mistakes, learning about the Premier League. The intensity of the English game, it is even higher than I thought. In every game, you don’t stop running, the pace does not stop, it is relentless, but I have enjoyed every minute.

“In Newcastle, I am constantly recognised. My job is the same, but it is very different off the pitch. Everywhere I go people ask for photographs and autographs, it is not a problem. This is why I wanted to make this move, I wanted to play in a high-pressure environment. It has always been my dream to play in Europe and there was no hesitation when I found out Newcastle were interested. It’s fantastic to be at a club where you can feel the passion of the fans, as well as hear it. It confirmed everything I had been told about this club. The fans have shown amazing faith in me, and the team. Straight away they given me their love and I want to make them happy, make them proud.

“When I saw the banner in the stands for my first game, it was very emotional. It is incredible support and I will repay them, I will thank them with my performances, I will not let them down.”

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