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Matthew Etherington blasts Rafa Benitez

"Fulham to me look like they have goals in them, whereas you look at teams like Newcastle, and Huddersfield who still haven't scored a goal at home, or Crystal Palace. At Newcastle; when you're bringing Joselu on, who I know from his time at Stoke and I've seen quite a lot, that's just not the answer for getting you 10, 15 or 20 goals to keep you in this division.

"When does Rafa have to start taking a bit of responsibility, though? I think he's getting away with it a little bit at Newcastle, if I'm being honest. The fans still really haven't questioned him; even though the team is bottom of the league with two points from nine games, it's all directed towards the board. I get the issue with the board, and they're fully within their rights to protest the way they are. But the manager has to take some responsibility, for me. But my point is, if it's any other manager bar Rafa Benitez in the managerial seat at Newcastle United, they're calling for him to get the sack right now.

I do definitely think he is sending messages to the board, as in: 'This is what I've got to deal with. His team selections, too, at times. I just remember the Chelsea game at the start of the season as well when the Blues went to St James' Park, and the way he set them up. Listen, I know he's a great manager and there's no doubting that, but it was so bad to watch. I just think he's getting away with it a little bit at the minute. That's just my opinion."


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