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Is Rafa to blame? Are we to blame?

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Rafael Benitez, our amazing manager, the man who has made the Newcastle fan base stronger than ever. He has made the squad play for each other more than just themselves and has helped make match day atmosphere climb higher than ever before.

Rafa has an extensive history including big clubs like; Real Madrid, Napoli, Chelsea and of course Liverpool. With history with so many successful clubs, should we have been questioning his motives for taking on Newcastle? Potentially the reasoning was purely idyllic; he got to move back to the UK with his family, dreams of building a legacy in his name. However, why would such a (supposedly) clever man go into business with Mike Ashley? In doing so go to a club with a much smaller profile, and, much less success that some of his previous clubs?

Did FCB mislead him? If so, why didn’t Rafa speak up? Or, did Rafa go into this deal, eyes open, fully aware of exactly what FCB’s game plan was?

We all love Newcastle United, our undying passion for the club is what creates so much debate amongst everyone. Season after season the main topic of conversation is Mike Ashley, of course, our transfer funds. It is a humans natural reaction for a finger to be pointed in blame when something does not work well, it could be a business CEO or a prime minister, when something goes wrong the masses with always find someone to blame.

For how many more seasons will we have to complete the same cycle? How many more seasons do we have to complete the same pattern, before we start realising that pointing the finger and moaning is not doing anything?

Mike Ashley has been at Newcastle United since 2007, what has been done since? Year after year of devastation, ups and downs (literally) and utter heartbreak. We have learned to get used to it, but its never easy and never gets better. Currently, we are on the horizon of achieving some of our most successful football in years. Yet also on the verge of crashing back into the championship and destroying our club again.

My question to you is when do we stop pointing the finger at Mike Ashley and point the finger instead at Rafa, or even, ourselves?

Since 2007, nothing has changed. We need to be realistic, everyone involved needs to help. So how can Rafa help? We currently have a stand off between Rafa and Mike over a new contract, which is building momentum. Imagine if he had taken firmer action sooner into his career with Newcastle United. Rafa’s reputation could have been protected if he had acted firmer. I personally believe one of two things have been taking place at Newcastle. One is that Rafa is fully aware that Mike’s main plan was to survive season after season and Rafa didn’t oppose it. The second potential situation is that Mike mislead Rafa. Either way, although we point a finger at Mike Ashley, Rafa Benitez has not handled that situation very well.

Finally, I absolutely don’t believe the suggestions from other people that we should boycott a match on game day. We have to be there for the lads and push them to get every point possible. However could you imagine the financial effect on FCB if nobody bought the new strip? Especially with him charging more than ever. Or, imagine if we also didn’t purchase any in game refreshments or food in SJP on match day? What do you think?

These are my opinions, not the view of Newcastle fans TV. However, I would like to hear your opinions and views?

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