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Karl Darlow says he has swelling after St. Pats game

“We’ve five great goalkeepers who are all pushing one another in training, which is brilliant. We all get on well, and there’s a very good rapport there we can work with. Simon Smith has been excellent with us, working us hard and getting us back to where we need to be to play games.

“It’s always great to play for Newcastle, and I’ll always try my best whenever I’m given the opportunity. Whether it’s pre-season, a cup game or in the Premier League, I’ll relish them all and enjoy playing football. On Tuesday, I’ve just clashed with the striker with the inside of my knee. It hit part of him, I don’t know what part but it shouldn’t be too bad. I couldn’t stand up straight at the time, but hopefully it’s nothing too serious, and it’s just a bit of swelling.

“We’ve trained hard since we come back. I think today was the 12th day in a row we’ve been in so it’s been a tough start, but we’ve got a lot of work in the legs, it’s all good fitness for us and tonight gave us a good run out at the end of a good trip. It’s a credit to St. Patrick’s that they put a good pitch on, the team are a good side, well organised, fit and it was a good workout for us, especially for the outfield lads.”

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