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Mikel Merino on hopes on playing for Spain & city life at Newcastle

Merino told the Chronicle: “The dream is to play in a World Cup or the Euros with Spain. That’s the dream for anybody in the Under-21s or Under-18s or the categories below. It’s the dream and the hope for me too. And I hope one day I am the one to be there. I know it’s going to be really difficult because it’s only the best of the best get there in the Spanish national team because it’s one of the best teams in the world. I hope that one day that if things go well and I am at the right level I will be there. It would be great if that Spanish cap comes when I am a Newcastle United player. I know I am at a great club and Newcastle is a great place too. This is a great scenario to show everybody what I can do. If I am able to play for Newcastle and Spain at senior level that will be great.

“I am always pleased and really proud to be called up to the national team. It’s an honour for me to represent the country at Under-21 level. Of course, joining up with my friends and playing that level of football that I enjoy and love means a lot to me.

“Newcastle people are awesome and really kind to me. I am enjoying the city. It’s different for me as I am used to seeing more sun, eating different food, and it is hard to live without the things you are used to. But I think I am used to living in Newcastle and enjoy it. The weather may be cold but the Geordie people are very warm. They make it a warm city. That is the great thing about Newcastle, the people are so kind you don’t even know it has dipped beneath three degrees!

“It is amazing to see the stadium in the middle of the city. That’s great because the stadium is so big everybody can go on a match day and it’s always full. But it’s a beautiful thing to see. If you go out for a hot drink or meet friends, wherever you go in the city you look up and St James’ Park. It’s a lovely city and the city gives a lot of love back to the players. I am happy to live here. Sometimes the Geordie people recognise me when I am in the city and they always have nice words for me. It’s lovely to have this type of affection. It has helped me and my team-mates to carry on and it makes it easier to work here.”

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