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Luke Charman on the U23's cup progression & his own form

Charman spoke to NUFC TV: “Last season it was hit and miss whether I was going to be the starting striker, but this season I’ve started most games when I’ve been fit. There are little responsibilities, like I thought to myself ‘I need to prove myself and step my game up’, so I’m happy with how I’ve done this season. It lets you sort of relax into it. You can’t lay off in training, but you can relax, play your game and enjoy it again instead of worrying every week whether you’re going to play.

“I always think going into games that I’m going to get chances, and I’m quite confident in myself that I’m going to score them. But it’s just a bit of a relief to get a few goals again, and get back on the scoresheet. After the first 25 minutes, we were completely dominant. I think we got a bit sloppy at the end, tried to force more goals and gave them a few chances, but I don’t think we were ever worried we weren’t going to get the win.

“We’re still in three cups now – we’re in the final of the Senior Cup, we’re playing Sunderland in a few weeks and we’re through the groups in this, so it’s going well in the cups. Hopefully we can do well in all three. The league hasn’t gone the best this season, but in the cups we’ve done really well. I think we need to put our focus into the cups now and make sure all the squad members are as fit as they can be and everyone’s pushing each other.

“The past few year, I’ve always known I could get there but it’s just getting the consistency. It’s never really been there – it has been for maybe one game, but then not for four or five games. It’s just about trying to do that every day in training – to be the best player in training every single day, and then it gets to a game and you’re comfortable. I think I’ve got way more to get better at – maybe two months ago, I’m much better now than I was then, and then I was much better than I was at the beginning of the season. It’s just about scoring goals, keeping that confidence and helping us keep winning.”

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