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Craig Bellamy claims Kieron Dyer was the best footballer at Newcastle

Bellamy wrote in Dyer's book: “I always had great respect for Kieron as a player and that makes it a lot easier to become friends. It’s a good starting point. He might tell you that I always used to say to him he was s*** when we were playing on opposite sides early in our career. Well that may be true but if I tell you how s*** you are, you know I think you’re damned good.

“Kieron wasn’t just good. We had a lot of top players when we were playing together at Newcastle and he was the best of all of us. He would have played at an even higher level had it not been for his injuries. I was blown away by his pace and he had endurance too; a rare combination in a footballer. Kieron got his head up so early when he was on the ball, or waiting to receive it, that he saw passes before other players did. He was an exceptionally bright footballer and an excellent pass of the ball, as well as a great provider of goals for others.

“We have talked about going into management together, with him as my number two. I’m not sure it would work. I’m not saying we would be Dumb and Dumber but we would be Miserable and More Miserable. We can both get quite intense. I think I’d need someone to lighten the mood. And so would he. Playing second fiddle to someone isn’t in Kieron’s nature and I think he will actually go on to be a success as a coach or a manager, what he decides to do. One of the things I’ve always liked about him is his honesty. It shines through in everything he does and I know it always will.”

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