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Nolberto Solano visits Newcastle once more

Solano told NUFC TV: “My friend, my heart is always in Newcastle! I’m just visiting, because I’ve been with the national team so I’ve been working. But I have a few days off, so I came over to say hello to everyone. I’ve always been missing Newcastle – I have a lot of good friends and good relationships here. The last time was about a year-and-a-half or two years ago, but it’s nice to see the same faces in the kitchen, the kitmen, the guys who do the grass. It’s so nice, so lovely. I was here for years and years so always it brings you back a little bit. It’s emotional.

“I managed to speak to him to ask him if it was possible – you always have a bit of respect, even though I feel like it’s my house! But it’s nice, and he’s made me feel very welcome here. He’s working so hard for the club – I know it’s not that easy – but he knows the game so well and he has a lot of experience. Rafa is a great man, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to him. I’m still involved with football now, coaching Peru, and it’s nice to talk about football. He’s given me some tips – he’s an experienced man. I’m learning and learning.”

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