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DeAndre Yedlin says the win over Manchester United was huge

Yedlin told the club's website: “It was huge – you could tell today in training that everyone is pretty upbeat and positive, and looking forward to the next game. We have this two-week break right now, so mentally people are getting prepared and doing everything they can to be ready for the next game. It was a definitely a great result for us, and a special one for me in my 50th. But the most important thing was that we got the three points, and it makes it a bit more special that it was against Manchester United. It was important for us because it came at a good time and now we can try and keep the momentum going and put ourselves in a better position. But you don’t want to talk too highly of it because it’s another one – it’s an important win, it’s against a big team, but it’s three points. Three points against them or three points against a smaller team is still three points, and at this point in the season, we just need to keep getting wins.

“I think the way things are going this season, it’s the kind of season where anybody can beat anybody. We’ve seen what people would call smaller teams beating bigger teams all season. It’s that kind of season, and obviously things haven’t gone the best for us in recent months, but we haven’t put our heads down. We’ve kept pushing, tried to show the best character we can and keep fighting, and on Sunday it paid off.

“Obviously it was a good win, but at this point now, it’s not on our minds. The biggest game is Bournemouth and we need to be prepared for us. It’s away for us, that makes it a bit tougher, and they’re a good side. If anything, those are the ones that we really needs to get the points off - the ones people like to call six-point games. If we can get points from them, that’s huge.”

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